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so yeah, that's basically it. For those of you that know me well, you'll know that I was actually planning 2 more arcs with Team Spike, but since PMDE ended, and it actually ended on a decent stopping point for them. I've decided to stop here as well, and more on to my next project. Its coming a little early, but I have been planning a proper web comic for a while. I wont talk about it much, since its still very much in development. But this is it for Team Spike, thank you all very much for your support and your time. I'll still be making a lot of art, and heck, even a lot of Pokemon art, since I have kind of a clever idea for a series of images featuring Pokemon. Nevertheless. Thank you all for everything, and I hope you'll stay tuned till next time. 

Sincerely, Spike
Hello all, honestly I usually don't trow a big fuss about stuff like this, but this time I feel like I really need to talk about it. In short, I just finished my M6 which you can read starting Honestly though, I made this comic cleverly, in such a way that there are multiple ways of reading the comic. If you're a long time reader, you should go back and see the alternate orders that the mission can be read in. They are all meticulously documented in the bottom, and you might pick up something you didn't the first time around!

The other thing, and this goes for newer readers especially, is that this mission concludes a lot of the themes that team spike has been carrying since the begining. It brings the plot to a close in a really neat way. In other words its a fairly plot-heavy mission. So if you haven't read my previous missions, this might be a good point to do so, or you might just be confused about what's going on.

I hope you enjoy it, and leave feedback! please tell me your thoughts!

I am gonna be streaming till I finish all I gotta do today!
some comics, some gestures, and a few other things! Come join me while I try to keep on task…